Erikoglu Emaye  manufactures and distributes enameled copper and aluminum wire since 1972.

We offer at a range of 0,05 mm – 4,00 mm (AWG 44 – AWG 6 ) enameled copper wire and 0,40 mm – 4,00 mm (AWG 44 – AWG 26) enameled aluminium wire based on IEC and NEMA standards, specs and requirements of our customers. Recently  our production capacity has increased to 12.000 Tons per year, and the company has invested in human resources to response  needs and wants  of market quicker.

Our customers include reputable manufacturers of electric motors, transformers, generators, domestic appliances and power tools. We export to five continents and more than 35 countries, and are always at disposal of our customers to provide technical assistance and share our experience.

Erikoglu Emaye was awarded as its contribution to success of export of Turkey by the Ministry of Economy of Turkey in 2014 by keeping its rank in top three enameled copper wire exporters in 2015 as well.